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HASH7 are music consultants helping to place artists with the right music opportunity. We work creatively with brands and businesses to plan and build music event concepts to create profitable national / international exposure. Some of the brands we have worked with include The Coca-Cola Company, iTunes, Quiksilver and O2. We have an established reputation for organising and planning from start to finish. If you are looking at building a music concept and or event please call us and ask for Al Douglas – Head of Music.

Get On Stage

1. Branded Events 2. Festivals 3. Private Events 4. Music Syncing

These four events/ platforms are to work with global brands and mainstream artists. You might not require a fan base to be selected for these events/ platforms but you will have had either to have performed for or have been seen by HASH7 and or be highly recommended via industry known agencies, labels and or management to apply for one of these opportunities.
The artists put forward for these events/ platforms must be hardworking with a professional manner, reliable, talented, contactable and quite serious and understanding about the music they produce and how they perform. It doesn’t matter whether the artist has been performing for 10 years or 10 months the above will always apply.


How do you get a gig without fans?
How do you get fans without a gig?

That’s the common question we are asked.
We definitely don’t advise artists to just turn up to a gig on the day without working to promote their performance in the hope to attract fans from the other hard working artists on that same bill. Unless asked to do so it’s not the right way to build a fan base or reputation in the music business.
A good start is with family and friends, if they are supporting your gigs then you are on the right track. You build from there by inviting more people, promoting your gigs and using the most of your online tools.
Try not to book gigs too close together unless you have a loyal established fan base, as you’ll find in a worst case scenario your fans will split choosing one of those close dates booked, thus resulting in a lower turn out to your performance (Boooo!!).

Below are a couple of suggestions that might help you:-

1. Have a realistic target in your mind of how many of your fans you want to come to your next live performance say 50, 150 or a 1000 (you should know your average fan base attendance).
Then PRE-SELL tickets to your fans before booking your next gig. Tell your fans that you have to reach a certain target number of sold tickets before you book your next gig and you need their help.

When you hit your target number, book your gig date and give your loyal fans good notice.
You will also have the confidence to tell a venue that you have already pre-sold a number of tickets and that you are ready to book your performance no problem. And there you have it a rocking gig to your fans and potential onlookers.
This format can also be used if you need your fans to help you fund a tour, an album or a video. Just be realistic with your targets, hardworking and see it through from start to finish.
Remember - Because your loyal fans have dug deep in their pockets to help you in advance, reward them with a limited edition single, merchandise etc.

2. Let your band Join forces with another band and perform together – preferably in the same genre, and with the same approximate attendance numbers (obviously not exactly the same fan base ….. that would be silly).
Gig every 3 months or so together, this way you have doubled your fan base straight away and the fans look forward to see two great band as well as mingling with the other fans. It’s a great recipe and of course it involves some dedication and hard work.

Good luck and have fun.


  • Minimum £90 profit for bands we stage.
For the Emerging/ Unsigned band nights HASH7 are one of few organisers that works with major music venues to give music artists the great experience of performing on a good stage with professional lighting, sound and crew.

Venues include:-
The Garage, Barfly, The Borderline (HMV /MAMA Group), O2 Academy (AMG/ Live Nation), The Underworld, Hard Rock Cafe, Scala, Purple Turtle, Marquee, The Water Rats, Cavern Club and Concorde2 Brighton.

These are performance based events where the band/ artist must be at the level to promote their own events/gigs. The band/ artist must be confident that their minimum attendance to their performance will be 30+ people – regardless what part of the world they are from.

HASH7 stages artists in genre so that the fans and the artists get the most out of the performance, merchandise and gain fan loyalty.

For peace of mind and to ensure that the artist is confident about having the minimum attendance of 30 people at their performance the following Terms of Agreement includes:-

  • The artist will agree to purchase 30 tickets in advance (this is exactly the same as the agreed 30 artists fans turning up and paying on the door on the night). Tickets are priced at approximately £6 each (this may vary according to venue) from HASH7 but can be sold to fans at any price you choose.
  • The artist will receive 40 tickets - giving you 10 tickets FREE (on top of the 30 purchased) worth the minimum value of £60.
  • On the night the artist will be paid the minimum of £1 per paying attendee up to 40 people. From 41+ attendees the artist will share a 50/50 door split.
  • According to a £6 ticket price the minimum payment to an artist with 40 attendees = £60 (made from 10 extra tickets) + £30 (from your minimum attendance in venue) = £90 as your minimum profit.

That’s a great agreement and £90 minimum profit to start with.
Unfortunately if you know your average fan base/ attendance to performances are less than 30 people HASH7 cannot stage you on an Emerging/ Unsigned band nights as we do not agree with pay to play or turning up without any fans or promotion, pubs and bars are better suited for that as their premises are smaller in capacity.

All artists are paid based on their performance and or attendance according to the Terms of Agreement.
Regardless of the venue and organiser’s promotion of each event, it’s only fair that all performing artists concerned can have the confidence of knowing that the event will be full of other supporting artist’s fans as well as their own thus crowds turning up to enjoy the show and purchase merchandise.

All of an artist's financial success comes down to the strength and breadth of the relationships they have with their fans and hard work. It is from those relationships that the artists can earn a living selling music, tickets and merchandise.

Al Douglas
Head Of Music
Claire Pettett
Accounts Director
Zoya Amer
Events Assistant
Lola Loren
Location Stylist Manager
Vic Rossi
Head Technician
Events Assistant
John Vyner
Senior Tour Promoter

About HASH7

Originally founded in 2004 as wildplum, HASH7 now stands at the forefront of the new music revolution. HASH7 is designed to work with global through to independent brands and clients, music artists, music management and PR companies to manage and plan their events whilst they take control of their promotion.

In addition to this we also source A to D list artists national and international, classic and current for private functions and parties to any budget.

The purpose of HASH7 as a consultant is logical and simple, we assist clients wishing to set up their own music programme and or bespoke event that have the idea but do not have the necessary in-house team/contacts for production, venues, direct access to deal with the agents, labels independent/ major artists, connections to brands etc.

HASH7 is the vehicle to make this connection, put the event in motion as well as link artists to brand endorsements.

Currently HASH7 has over 10,000 artists with a catalogue totalling over 200,000 tracks of various music genres.

There are huge HASH7 success stories; The Rifles, Young Guns, Friendly Fires, Enter Shikari, Battle, Steven Fretwell, Plan B, White Lies and The Wombats, to name a few.

Alongside our great national/ international events and campaigns, some of the events HASH7 has been involved with from start to finish include Coke Music & iTunes, Quiksilver - Quiksessions, The Coca-Cola Company - Soundwaves, The Great Escape and Airwaves.

Artists have the opportunity to opt into the Sync platform where they can see the briefs and submit their own tracks for consideration. #7 Sync has direct relationships with many brands worldwide including independent music supervisors. See 'Sync + Opportunities' for more information.


Event Profile

Venue Profile


Office: +44 (0)20 7617 7696
By Post: Hanover House, PO Box 999, Enfield, London, EN1 9AD

Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.

Lines can get very busy so rather than waiting in a queue please try calling back or leave an informative message and we'll do our best to call you back.

To view team members go to the About section of the site

Please note: We try to ensure that the information on our website is accessible to everyone. However, if you have any problems with accessing the information on our site and will be happy to discuss your requirement and / or endeavour to provide a suitable alternative.

Brand Events

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Featured Video

Video 1
Starfucker, are the Belgian response to Foo Fighters, founded in 2005. In just two years they played about 200 concerts together. Stefanie (drums) served nightly permission from her parents, she was just 15 years old.

The whole saga gained momentum when Luc Janssen (Stubru + Canvas), Starfucker proclaiming the ultimate winner of the "De Lux Labo-competition". This led to a spot at Pukkelpop and airplay on Stubru week long with their single "Boys Will Be Boys".

After their legendary crossing the meadow festival in Hasselt there is interest from several top producers. They realize that they have a unique opportunity, and retreat to work on a full album under the wings of Huub Rijnders (Krezip, 3by Down, Green Day). The recordings have now been completed and the first impressions are incomparable!
Video 2
This Is Freedom can only be described as a 'radio friendly, alternative rock/pop' band from Aylesbury, Bucks. Their sound is easy on the ear and memorable on the brain. After bagging an exclusive track slot on the recent commercially released film Chalet Girl, the boys are definitely finding their place in the industry.

#7 Logos + Images

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Unsigned Available Gig Dates

The Unsigned and Emerging available gig dates are currently on FACEBOOK, have a look – they are updated weekly.
Please click the link below to see the gig dates, genres and venues available then contact the office if any of the dates suit you schedule.


Our terms for new band events are explained on the Get On Stage tab.
Some of the great venues we work with for new band events can be seen on the PORTFOLIO tab.

Sync + Opportunities



Soft drinks Company, making real drinks from real ingredients
They are already expanding into US and UK
There’re on a mission to turn this brand into something massive.
Target demographic 25-35 year old the educated, progressive and well groomed.

The following values:

Optimistic / upbeat
Young and open minded
Clean / Clear

The Music
A brand track that can act as a piece of music for all communications (audio / visual) through
It will need to be a long piece that can sit under a 2-3 minute film, for TV, Vimeo, YouTube and presentation videos.
The piece would ideally be able to be adapted and built upon for the future. Reasonably fast paced, not necessarily including any lyrics.
All rights need to be bought out for all media.

Please contact us only via our Facebook page

Thanks you